Verdant Retreat Gray Eco-Friendly Gift Box

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Product Description:

Introducing the Verdant Retreat Gray Eco-Friendly Gift Box, a treasure trove of wellness and luxury, meticulously curated to enhance a lifestyle of creativity, well-being, and elegance. This box is an ode to the serene and tranquil, perfect for those who appreciate the finer, more thoughtful aspects of life. The lush green and gray hues reflect a soft, dreamy, and timeless aesthetic, appealing to those with a chic, minimalist or classic style.

Within this beautifully crafted gray box, adorned with a vibrant green ribbon, you’ll discover an assortment of eco-friendly products designed to pamper and rejuvenate. From the invigorating Thai Young Coconut and Bamboo Natural Essence Mask to the soothing Sophi soap and Just for Her Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes, each item is selected for its high-quality, sustainable ethos. The hand sanitizer infused with coconut and lime offers a refreshing touch, complementing the organic, lush feel of the collection.

Each component in this gift box is thoughtfully selected to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and sustainability, ensuring you give a gift that is not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible. The box itself is designed to be reusable, arriving beautifully packaged with high-quality ribbon, filling paper, and a blank card for your personal message.

Box Details:

  • Box Color: Grey
  • Ribbon Color: Green
  • Size: 30 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm
  • Each box is thoughtfully designed to be reusable and comes beautifully packaged with a high-quality ribbon, filling paper, and a blank card for your personal message.

Explore Your Unique Box:

  • Rosewater and Aloe Soothing Bath Salt: Relax and Rejuvenate: Dive into tranquility with rosewater and aloe bath salts, perfect for calming the mind and soothing the skin. Ideal for thoughtful, serene, and stylish individuals seeking a spa-like experience at home.
  • Coconut and Lime Hand Sanitizer: Tropical Cleanliness on the Go: This sanitizer offers a refreshing burst of coconut and lime, ensuring clean hands and a delightful scent. It suits the dynamic, the energetic, and the modern, always ready for life’s next adventure.
  • Coconut Water Flushable Cleansing Wipes: Gentle and Refreshing: Soft, biodegradable wipes infused with coconut water, designed for sensitive skin. They provide a fresh, clean feel, perfect for on-the-go individuals who value thoughtfulness and style.
  • Ceramic Incense Holder: Sleek and Functional: A stylish addition to any room, this incense holder is a must-have for those who enjoy serene environments and a touch of elegance in their daily rituals.
  • Lime Verbena Body Butter: Invigorating Moisture: Rich, creamy body butter with a zesty lime verbena scent that invigorates the senses while deeply moisturizing the skin. It’s perfect for those who are lively, and artistic, and cherish their skincare routine.
  • Coconut Lime Tea Candles: Subtle Ambiance: Create a soothing atmosphere with these coconut lime-scented candles, ideal for energizing or relaxing moments. They appeal to playful, energetic, and stylish personalities.
  • Dried Thai Coconut Bites: Tropical Snacking: Enjoy these delicious, healthy Thai coconut bites, perfect for a quick, nutritious snack. Suitable for energetic, playful, and health-conscious individuals.
  • Bamboo Natural Essence Mask: Korean Beauty Secret: Infuse your skin care routine with this natural bamboo mask, offering deep hydration and revitalizing benefits. A beauty staple for those who are stylish, elegant, and devoted to self-care.
  • Coconut and Oatmeal Plant-Derived Vegan Soap: Gentle and Nourishing: This vegan soap combines the soothing qualities of oatmeal with the rich moisture of coconut, ideal for sensitive skin and eco-conscious minds.
  • Dry Body Brush and Back Scrubber: Exfoliate and Revitalize: A perfect tool for stimulating circulation and removing dead skin cells. Great for dynamic, energetic individuals who enjoy a rejuvenating body care ritual.

Additional Information:

Please note that due to availability, we may substitute food or perishable products with alternatives of equal or superior quality. We also want to inform you that some of our products may contain or have been in contact with common allergens, such as nuts. If you have any specific food allergies, we encourage you to contact us before placing your order, so we can ensure your selections are made with your health and safety in mind.

Each of our curated boxes is a unique creation, available in only one version. Although our website allows for ordering multiple boxes, please note that each box is individually crafted and distinct. Embrace the exclusivity of our offerings, as no two boxes are exactly the same! Please contact us if you need to discuss the order of additional boxes.

Explore our full collection for more unique and eco-friendly curated gift boxes. Enjoy free shipping on all our gift boxes! For more information on shipping and other inquiries, visit our Shipping Information page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly at—we’re here to help!


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